Why I Quit Blogging for Almost Two Years

“Don’t quit blogging, you will lose readership by the time you decide to come back”, they say.

“You have the perfect medium of expression”, they say.

“Blogging travel stories seems like a dream”, they say.

And yet, here I am, a year and a half later, writing about why I chose to not give a flying f*** and went radio silent from the digital world.

I know I am at the risk of sounding trite and a bit like a whiny millennial defending lame choices but sometimes we have to take a step back when we lose sight of what we originally set out to do. No shame in that.

1. It got toxic.

Let’s address the elephant in the room before I continue my litany — I haven’t really been blogging for too long, how did it get toxic too soon?

Like most of the things that happen too much, too soon (ehem, gamophobic people), we start to feel anxious. “How do I keep things interesting?”, “I wonder what would make my next Instagram post a hit…” or “Will this get a higher readership like the previous one?” –are just some of things that writers go through when trying not to lose momentum. Suddenly, people expect way too much and you’re left thinking, what else can I give?

2. My views started to shift. 

It became hard to sift through the all the stuff you see online. You go online and you see photos of babies, weddings, political rants, hate-posts and what not’s and whether I liked it or not, it affected my goals and my perception of what my life should be at the moment.

3. Real work got in the way.

Maintaining a website is a lot more than meets the eye. There’s a lot of thought, planning, and creativity that goes along with it and it isn’t really income-generating for a starter like me. I had to find a faster way of funding my travels.

4. My wanderlust got the better of me.


Ideally, I should be able to maintain a website while traveling since all it takes is a camera and a laptop anyway. Wrong. You need wifi connection and when you travel, especially in Asia, you can’t really expect a stable connection which defeats the purpose of the whole thing.

Bloggers who are able to maintain a website while traveling is something I really admire.

I guess this is why co-working spaces are a big hit. 🤔

5. I ran away from responsibility.

At this point, I know this isn’t really making me look good but I’m not here to toot my own horn just being real with ya’ll.

With blogging, comes great responsibility. You need to be consistently moving, present, on top of things, inspiring to your readers and I flaked out on being that person. SMH.

6. My life felt too public.

Most of my friends know that I am an open book, or at least I try to be. It became too exhausting to share. I would get asked, “where do you get your money from, where are you going next, what happened to that dude?” Man. WHY. But I understand now that if I want to make a career of this, then I shouldn’t be selfish and should be a lot smarter when dealing with personal questions.

Why did I create this blog in the first place?

I used to write for a student publication in college, and I remember it being the most relevant time of my life. It’s when I felt the most sane and useful. I wanted to bring back that identity to myself in the best way I know how.

What made me decide to put the website back up?

First, is I have a voice and interesting travel stories to share that can help inspire people who identify with me.

Second, writing is my chosen medium of expression and it’s when my brain thrives the most.

Last, I know I was born to create. Shame not to live up to it, right?

Did hibernation do me good?

Yes, it made me realize what I was missing and helped put things in perspective for me.

Am I here to stay?

Let’s just say, I’m starting to thread the water again. Let’s see where things take us, shall we?

Have you experienced a similar journey? How long did it take you to realize that you should go back? What do you do to avoid burn out? Sound off on the comment section below! 
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