Moonleaf Planner: The Only Planner You Need for 2016 is Here

The search for the perfect planner is over! Moonleaf’s Planner for 2016 is the only thing I’ll be needing to plot down my trips and projects this year.

You might not know this of me but I am the biggest notebook hoarder you’ll ever meet (well, maybe next to my best friend, Monique). More than 30 blank notebooks are waiting for my ink to stain their unruled pages. I simply can’t resist the smell of the pages and the inviting leather/artwork covers that I practically have a notebook for each hobby I have – journal, blog, music, surf, travel – and now my new planner to take with me everywhere I go!

Why is the Moonleaf Planner perfection?

Moonleaf Planner 2016

1. It’s the perfect gift (to a friend or to yourself) – a hardbound planner with discount coupons on milk tea and other refreshments inside and retailing at only P350, it’s seriously a steal!

2. Its originality– it speaks volumes of the owner’s personality without being loud. Somehow it managed to capture the tasteful, cultured and dynamic youth of today by its well-curated themes, artworks, poetry and photography. 

3. It’s built to last throughout the year – it has a travel friendly, pang-harabas quality that I personally admire. It’s the planner you’ll always see in my bag wherever I go. <3

Features to Love 

Exciting Artworks

It’s decked out with artworks from talented young guns like Janina Saspa, Gabriel Valerio, Jino Cordero,and many more.

Moonleaf Planner 2016
Artwork by Janina Saspa | Poetry by Anonymous

Thoughtful Quotes

Emote-quote for the week courtesy of renowned lines from your favourite movie, quotes by famous celebrities, lyrics from OPM music etc. for more #hugot

Moonleaf Planner 2016


“Pa-milk tea ka naman dyan!”  

Become the big spender and treat a special friend to Moonleaf Tea Shop with these coupons, kahit once lang 🙂 

Moonleaf Planner 2016


Because Moonleaf knows how to satisfy the OC in us <3

Moonleaf Planner 2016

What’s More:

A Playlist on Amplifybecause music = creativity and we all want those creative juices flowing year-round

Full Moon Sightings every monthknow when you can spend some quality time with friends and/or special someone gazing at the moon and stars beforehand.

At this point, I can see that you’re fallin’ in love with it too <3

Moonleaf Tea Shops have such an inviting cozy, hipster-ish set up that brings a smile to your face. Talk about good vibes!

Moonleaf Planner 2016

Moonleaf Planner 2016

And did I mention they’re witty? Just go to their Facebook/ Instagram page to know for yourself.

Moonleaf Planner 2016

Moonleaf Planner 2016

Get your 2016 planner at any Moonleaf Tea Shop branches nationwide <3

Photos taken at Moonleaf Tea Shop, 103 Maginhawa St., UP Teacher’s Village, Quezon City

Moonleaf has their drinks and mixes concocted from freshly-brewed, premium quality tea leaves from the best tea-growing regions of Taiwan. They are known to be a fast-expanding global food and beverage service retailer that opened 50 local branches nationwide and 4 international branches in 5 years.

Visit their website

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