Surf Trip: Maldives

Travelling makes you think big and makes you feel small at the same time.
It opens up a world of the unknown, that dares you to be tough and smart and open.
It makes you feel like you’re a mere fraction of the world’s population, a dust in the wind.

I could come up with hundreds of reasons why one should travel– or maybe even thousands if I’m not hungry and rushing this blog right now, but I guess I could save that for later.

A beauty like this need not be expressed further in words…

Initially planned a trip to Sri Lanka for this weekend and next thing I knew, I was booking a ticket via Emirates going to Maldives.
Thank God for long weekends!
This was one of the most spontaneous thing I have ever done, but then, why think twice? It’s freakin’ MALDIVES!
Often a bucket list of most people, this piece of heaven is remotely situated in the Indian Ocean.
Oh, did I mention this was a surf trip? Well you can forgive me for forgetting to mention but it’s cause my initial thought wasn’t to surf (yes, I’ve just committed blasphemy!) but to just sit back, relax and enjoy the boat trip along this archipelago. 🙂 The waves were too big for me anyway and I didn’t have a board to use this time 🙁
On a small boat going to our Mother Boat! From left to right: Abdel, Shun, Chard, Me, Ian, Mark Pinoy Surfers of Dubai (PSOD)
Behold! Our boat for the entire trip!
Photo by Abdel Elecho Blue K Safari Boat, Maldives

So happy to be welcomed by friendly people from Blue K Safari boat they brought welcome drinks too! It was just the beginning of the trip and we already felt like VIPs.


One of the things we all loved about this trip is how service-oriented the entire crew of Blue K Safari boat was.
Food were served, day in, day out for us.
We need not lift a finger, everything is just either being served or packed away!


June 6, 2013
Surf Spot: Sultan Spot, North Maldives
So they said surf during that season was a real treat for any advanced surfer- in layman’s term-
HUGE A** waves!
Had to try it anyway. Else, I would regret not paddling out.
On our way to Sultan surf spot

And so I did. I did paddle out.
And after a few times of (dying) trying to catch a wave, studying which wave I should and shouldn’t catch considering the longboard’s welfare in the process and trying to calm (the f*ck) down whenever there was a set coming- a huge one fell on me. Spinned me under and over the reef.
I have to say, it was a mix of all possible emotions in the world– exhilarated, worried (that Ian’s 9’0 longboard might break!), psyched, freaked cause I know the wave that fell on me was the first of the set and there were probably 5 more about to come my way if I try to swim my way up the surface.
So I put my brave face on, snatched the leash and hopped on the board the quickest possible way I could, then another fell on me, yaiks!
Needless to say, I made it out alive. Had to go all the way to the shore and back to the boat though.

A surf trip isn’t complete without an ice cold beer after a long day surf sesh and some feel good guitar music, non-stop Jack Johnson, reggae, OPM, Mishka music and witnessing how the sun set in this part of the world.

June 7, 2013
NO SURF, why like this my prend?!? 😮
So the weather was sucky that day.
I woke up to the unusual swaying of the boat and to a real sad news. A boat tipped over somewhere in the North atoll and 11 surfers almost drowned.
Surf videos, roll please!
Bad weather can’t stop us from having fun, though.

Indian Ocean was beachin’ that day

June 8, 2013
Ninjas and Jails Surf Spot, North Maldives
And there was light!
Aaahhh… The Maldivian Sunset

We all wished  we could have stayed longer… There were still a lot to see in this paradise, but til next time. South Maldives it would be!

Photos by: Abdel Elecho, Shun (the Japanese Surfer) and moi (the obserbeer)
Boat for the entire trip:
Blue K Safari
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