10 Goals to Achieve this 2016 (and for the years to come)

Admit it, we all have been compelled to create a resolutions list. We may counteract the urge by convincing ourselves it’s pointless to list things we should change or improve. Luckily, our good sense tells us to evaluate our lives from time to time and see if we’re on track to a better, healthier, happier lives!

I’ma kick off 2016 with a trusty ol’ New Year’s Resolutions list!

1. Be myself.

We often hear this cliché advice from celebrities & other role models, don’t we? These two words have been thrown around (maybe more than those ‘three words’ have #hugot), that they have lost their meaning.

The truth is, being our true selves is a struggle in a digital age especially since we have been conditioned to behave a certain way in order to be socially accepted or to gain favours and we are all guilty of it. It has diluted our values which somehow creates confusion as to who we really are, who we want to become and what we want to do with our lives.

I strongly believe that by stripping ourselves off all these social acceptance non-sense, we’d be able to crack the code in achieving true happiness.

So this 2016, I’m throwing caution to the wind and be me to be happy!

Be Yourself , 2016

2. Find my voice in a sea of screaming millennials.

One vexing memory comes to mind whenever I think about what I want to do with my life: Right after my high school graduation, my Dad and I had one of  those rare talks when he asked what degree I’d be taking up in college. His question had caught me off guard since I hadn’t really given it much thought. Before I knew it, I had already mindlessly blurted that I wanted to take up Nursing. He looked at me for a couple of seconds and I thought I sensed disappointment in his eyes. He then gestured for me to sit on his lap and asked me “Don’t you want to do something extraordinary with your life? Do you want to be just any other woman?”. His questions shook me to my core.

Now I understand that the only person standing in my way is me and I must find the voice to tell the world, this woman exists and she’s ready to be what the world needs her to be.

3. Take more risks. Take on more challenges.

My 2015 has been a combination of stuck-in-limbo state and a regressive repeat of my 2011 when I had no full-time job. Nevertheless, my days had been filled with drama, heartaches, series of bad decisions; and some good stuff like travel, sleepless nights partying, reading and writing and playing the uke. While my 2015 was arguably eventful, I have regrettably chickened out on some opportunities and didn’t give my best in some situations when my best was needed.

 And so this year, I will take on more challenges, I will conquer my trauma in surfing, I will write more and I will get that dream job this year. Oh yes, I will.

4. More parties (because, why stop, really).

If you have been following this blog then you must know these things about me; I love to dance, drink and be merry. It’s my version of a subdued escapism. It’s a great way to meet people who love celebrating life wildly. Perfect excuse to release all inhibitions and enjoy a sensorial experience; listen to loud music, lose oneself in those beating lights, laugh and drink the night away (okay, brb, going out to party now!). #notstoppingnow

beer , travel, party, 2016

5. Spend it only with great people.

We’re only given one lifetime to use and the key is to spend it with people who enrich our lives, encourage us to be ourselves at all times and who love to laugh at our silliness.

Watch movies with people who love discussing their favourite scenes, dance with people who need a dance partner, drink with people who have problems or are just fun when drunk, travel with people who love adventures, keep friends who you can talk to until the sun comes up.

Walk away from a bad crowd. Don’t waste time trying to fit in.

6. Mix bangin’ beats.

Finally! After two years of putting off this dream I have risen up from the slump and started creating my new crates and it feels so damn right! Watch out for a budding DJ in the making, World. 🙂 #itsaTRAP

7. Sleep less.

2015 was a year I thought my life was in deep inception-like slumber. Although dreaming is where epiphanies always come to me, sleeping could be a bit of waste of time especially when there’s so many things to be awake for (like coffee!).

Cheers to a ‘Sleepless 2016’!

8. Travel more.

Bukowski tells us to find what we love and let it kill us and I’ll die doing just that – traveling the world until I bust my soles & kneecaps to old age.

I have traveled a lot in 2015 but there are still a million things to see here in Philippines alone! My teeny tiny notebook isn’t enough to contain all the adventures I have listed to accomplish this year! Gah!

Travel Quote , 2016

9. Write/blog and read more.

Much like a known gutsy wanderlust story, I took a giant leap and left my job to practice my love for written words, create music and travel more. Now I can fully focus on doing something I genuinely love like blogging and cooking up that little writing project I am aiming to finish this year. Plus, read all the books I bought and have been keeping on the shelf for a long time.

Got more book suggestions? Leave them on the comment below!

10. Less planning, more living! 

Ever ran out of milk, went to the supermarket to buy, and ended up buying a bunch of other stuff completely forgetting about the milk? Much like this list, we all know that new year’s resolutions are just a bunch of hoo-hahs we’re eventually going to forget because we can’t honestly keep track of everything. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to look back to a year that was and look forward to a future that will be.

I am happily saying good bye to my so-so year of 2015 because I know that our 2016 will be nothing short of amazing!

Cheers to a fantastic year ahead, Wander Junkies :*

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