10 Signs You’re A Free Spirit (and Should Own It)

Free spirited people are complex beings.

However, they are clumsily pigeonholed in monogendered ads as a carefree beach blonde hippie clad in boho prints and floral adornments.

This is why you get mixed feelings when someone labels you a free spirit. You’re not sure if they meant it as a compliment or a criticism. Did they mean you wear too much prints? Did you come across as a happy-go-lucky person? Did you not care much for political discourse?

Or they meant well and saw these 10 signs of a free spirit written all over you:

1. You’re undefined.

By society, by your fashion sense, by the music you listen to, even by your friends because they have trouble understanding you. You may decide to wear a tie-dyed shirt today and pull off a chic look the next day. Your playlist is a convoluted collection of rock, hiphop, EDM, pop, indie, jazz etc. and you shamelessly listen to it on full blast. You cringe when people put a label on you because YOU’RE.NOT.A.THING. to be labeled.

You’re not consistently trying to keep up with your lifestyle choices because you know it doesn’t define who you are or whoever you think you can be. You just… be.

2. You’re basically a nomad.

Travel comes easy.  You don’t really live out of a suitcase per se but it’s arguably easier to get uprooted from where you are onto another place because you lust for freedom above anything else. Your friends think of you as a flighty person because they can’t genuinely rely on you to stay. You can feel yourself growing restless when you’re stuck in one place for too long…

Maybe this is why free spirits get painted as a globetrotting solivagant (my new favourite word ?).

It’s not for the lack of destination but the hunger for adventure.


3. Love is not your end goal.

Don’t get me wrong, you want love in your life. You draw them in with your magnetic personality and excite them with your endearing unpredictability.

It’s easy to let love in your life. It’s how you keep it that’s the challenge.

The trick is finding someone who can understand the structureless life you lead and can enrich your wild side as you enrich theirs. Someone who runs with you and slows you down every once in a while. Someone who already knows you’re a handful but takes care of you anyway.

Not all free spirits are lucky enough to find that someone. At the end of the day, you choose happiness, with or without love.

run wild with me

4. You put a positive spin on things!

Of failures, fears, rejections and relationships that didn’t work. You have a when-a-door-closes-blow-the-door-off-its-hinges-so-you-don’t-have-to-knock-again attitude and make your own opportunities.

You live by the wisdom that change is the only permanent thing in this world.

5. You want to experience everything and be truly alive.

There’s no limit to what you can think or do. You live on the edge. You dare. You push beyond what’s ordinary, hell, even beyond extraordinary because you’re looking for something extramundane.

You live to experience everything at least once like skydiving even when you’re scared of heights, getting sloshed at a music festival, giving flowers to someone, building houses in less fortunate places, swimming with dolphins even when you’re scared of the open water.

6. Creativity is a spiritual journey to you.

Your mind works at warp speed so you cope by resorting to unlimited ways of self-expression to calm the chaos within. You paint, read, write, compose, doodle, meditate, cook… or sometimes you just stare at the clouds and form hundreds of rabbits and foxes out of it. You do it to survive the maze of your mind palace.

Your concept of beauty is highly evolved that you see it amid poverty, imbalance, discord, even pain. Your spiritual self gravitates towards making sense of the universe and you want to turn it into a timeless work of art.

7. You are in constant battle with yourself.

You’re not all sunshines and rainbows.

You’re a volatile creature that tends to have an ever-changing take on everything depending on which mood you’re in (i.e. an environmental warrior, activist, passive-aggressive mood or simply just want to be a bitch).

You feel and think the extremes. Your worst fear is for yourself to get the better of you.

You are basically the yin to your yang.

8. You don’t play by rules or timelines.

You’re a non-conformist. If this was the thirteenth century, you’d be dubbed a heretic and be burned at the stake.

You value your freedom too much to waste it working for capitalists or follow timelines set by the society for when to have a house, a family or a retirement plan.

You let the universe unfold its plan for you, let life take its course. Que sera, sera.

9. You have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

You’re in your element when you’re on an adventure to expand your mind and be one with the universe.

You’re that person who eagerly listens to a travellers’ campfire stories.

You’re an existentialist who questions and seeks proofs of why you’re here.

10. You choose experience over material things.

You hardly place value on stability and security which is why acquiring riches isn’t your ultimate goal in life. You’d rather spend it collecting stories, photographs and memories because, honey, you only get one chance in this world and you go out of your comfort zone to make it count.

It takes incredible grit to live free from nonsense and that’s what you choose every waking day.

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