Golden Tips on How To Care For Your Bikinis

Bikinis are the gems of summer. It’s difficult to find the perfect fit, the perfect color, the perfect fabric, the perfect cut. So when we find the perfect pair(s), it’s hard not to go crazy using it all the time!

But have you been taking care of yours the proper way? Fret not, here are some tips for you!

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The Do’s

1. Know which material your bikini is made of.

Bikinis are made of different materials which means, they require different kinds of care. Check the inside tags of your bikinis for instructions. If yours doesn’t have it, then the succeeding tips may work just as well.

2. Rinse your bikini with cold water right after use.

Salt and chlorine can damage your bikini’s elasticity. If you can’t wash it right away, at least rinse it with water even if you didn’t go for a dip. Some oils from the sunblock contains ingredients that may be harmful to the fabric which can cause staining.

2. Put down the harsh detergent

Experts say that using hand soaps or any mild soap can clean your bikinis just right. Just make sure that there aren’t any coconut ingredients in it as it may also leave stains.

3. Use baking soda or vinegar on stains

Spread baking soda generously on the stained part and leave it for two hours. Wash with any mild soap. Another way is to soak your bikini in diluted vinegar with water until the stain’s gone. Wash it with mild soap to remove.

Added info: Vinegar can help avoid the dyes of the bikini from running.

4. Steer clear of rough surfaces

Lay down a beach mats, towels, sarong or anything you can keep between you and any surface to protect the fabric from snagging.

5. Tonic water can help revive the colour of your bikini

Right after taking a dip, toss your bikini in a bowlful of tonic water and dry it in a cool place, et voila, your bikini’s as good as new!

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The Don’ts

1. Wring (piga) it even if you badly want to.

Fight all urge to wring your bikinis, instead, lay it down on a towel and roll it up gently to get the excess water out. Remember: those ridges that occur on the padding isn’t a good look!

2. Dry it under the sun

The fabric weakens & the color fades when exposed to direct heat, so if you’re going to dry your bikinis, keep them in the shade.

Tip: If you’re in a hurry to dry it, don’t toss it in the dryer, instead, pick up a hand blower and set it to cool. This won’t harm the fabric.

3. Hang your bikinis on a metal rod or a hanger nor use clothes peg.

This will disrupt the bikini from returning to its original shape as much as the clothes peg will leave an unsightly mark on the spandex. It can also acquire rust that will be impossible to get out.

4. Use fabric conditioner.

Some fabric conditioner will damage your bikinis.

5. Wear your bikini two days in a row.

Give it a little time to breathe. Most bikinis are made of spandex materials, according to Real Simple, they are called the memory fabric which requires at least a full day to snap back to its original shape. Isn’t this the most perfect excuse to hoard bikinis? <3

Make your bikinis last longer by following these steps and you’re golden!

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