Product Review: Vivo Lumio – Your To-Go Kit

Vivo Lumio, a Filipino brand inspired by German technology, brings us a travel-sized kit that helps us be five steps ahead when outdoors!

Just how useful can they be? I have ranked each bottle based on how often I use it and how effective they are according to their purpose.


Top 5 : Touch Me! – Hand Sanitizer

(Not that it’s my least important, I just found that the other four are more of use to me). Unlike other hand sanitizers, it has a light texture when sprayed on your skin and it moisturizes without the greasy feeling. I personally like that it doesn’t have a strong perfume scent. Instead, it leaves a fresh whiff that actually complements my hand lotion’s scent.

Vivo Lumio Touch Me Hand Sanitizer

Top 4: Bright Eyes – Anti-fog Glass Cleaner

I didn’t notice it before but if you wear eyeglasses or sunglasses outdoors, you will have a mighty good use for an anti-fog glass cleaner.

I wear sunglasses when I drive in the afternoon and I live in the a tropical country so you kinda get the picture whenever I roll my windows down and it’s humid out there. Fog, fog, fog.

In fact, I did a test to see if it actually works so I sprayed it on my sunglasses, took it from an air-conditioned room to the humid outdoors and Bright Eyes worked like a charm.

P.S. I also use it to keep my laptop screen and cellphone squeaky clean!

Vivo Lumio Bright Eyes

 Top 3: Bug Ban – Insect Repellent

One of a climber’s nightmare is being attacked by leeches (limatik) in the mountains that appear in mossy forests during rainy seasons. Bug Ban contains citronella oil, eucalyptus oil, water and polysorbate 20 that can prevent insects and other crawlies from pestering you when outdoors.

I recently spent 4 days island hopping in Pangasinan and the size of bugs that fly around could send you home crying. Luckily, Bug Ban got me through the whole ordeal.

Don’t forget to reapply this insect repellent every hour or two.

Vivo Lumio Bug Ban

 Top 2: Stink Ninja – Odor Absorber

I keep this bottle in my car more than I keep it in my purse because it zaps the smell of take-out food, cigarette smoke (from smoker-friends), city smog etc. from my car. I occasionally put it in my purse in case I need to go a stinking loo or if I’m stuck in a room that smells like a rotten egg or stinky feet. My personal top 2 because it’s a L.I.F.E.S.A.V.E.R.

How does Stink Ninja work? According to their website, it intelligently suppresses only malodorous molecules. It’s super smart, you guys.

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Top 1. Germ-O-Phobe – Disinfectant Spray

I’m not a big freak when it comes to germs but I still cringe at the thought of touching door knobs when I.! It’s my most frequently used spray since I use it to clean my car’s stirring wheel, wipe my phone case, spray on tables at restaurants, even sanitize my hands, etc. It doesn’t have much scent but like what the bottle says, it scares germs to death, literally. And that makes it my top choice!

Vivo Lumio - Germ-O-Phobe

Whether you’re out in the city or off to a big adventure, you’ll find that having this kit can effectively make your daily lives so much easier.

Each bottle comes in 30 ml and can last for at least a month to two (depending on frequency of use). A kit only costs Php499, which if you ask me, is a serious steal for the amount of relief it can bring you.

Question 1: What if I don’t need them all? Can I buy them separately?

Answer: Yes you can! They have recently released a pack of two for the The Huffers Puffers (Smoker’s Mate) that comes with Stink Ninja and Touch Me! and The Campers & Climber’s (Hiker’s Team) comes with Touch Me! and Bug Ban.

Question 2:  Where can I get my Vivo Lumio travel kit?

Answer: You can get it online, via Vivo Lumio’s website, Facebook Page or purchase it on

Also available at:

  •  The Travel Club
  • Stoked Inc
  • RipCurl
  • Flight 001
  • BaseKamp

  • Daily Iron Gym
  • Moonleaf Baler
  • Flotsam & Jetsam Artist Beach Hostel
  • San Juan Surf Resort, La Union

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