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A trusty travel backpack is one of the most important investment in any globetrotter’s book (unless you prefer traveling with a suitcase). We spend hours on the internet searching for the best travel backpack that features convenience, quality, value for money and style altogether but often get lost in a myriad of unfit options.

That is why I’m relieved I found CabinZero, a UK brand, that gets all four of our demands right and more that you won’t need to look any further.

cabinzero best travel backpack

8 Things the Military 44L CabinZero Backpack Gets Right

1. Flat packing – It enables you to pack your stuff much like how you pack in a suitcase. The zipper opens wide enough so you can pack your stuff whilst it lays flat on the surface. If you travel with a top-loading hiking backpack then you would know the extraneous task of unloading stuff from the top to gain access to the mid-section. Well, stress about it no more!

2. Laptop Compartment – This is essential when you’re traveling long haul. The compartment keeps your laptop secured and cushioned from shock and pressure.

3. Lockable Zippers – CabinZero’s main compartment can be locked! A feature that a hiking backpack doesn’t offer.

4. Durable– A travel backpack must be able to withstand the most gruelling trips and this baby knows that! The material is made of durable military spec nylon that makes it water resistant (it can stay dry when it drizzles but not when it storms) and lightweight. It has a quality suspension system, sternum straps, well-padded shoulder straps and a hip belt that can be stowed away.

cabinzero best travel backpack

5. Lightweight – Most backpacks out there weigh 2-3 kilos; that’s a huge chunk off of your allowable weight limit on airlines! Quit banging your head on the wall because CabinZero military backpack weighs approx. 950 grams, less than 1 kg, folks. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

5. Global Luggage Tracking – This is the new trend in the travel world that I seriously hope would stick. CabinZero backpacks have built-in Global Luggage Tracker powered by Okoban. Your bags can now be traced back to you in case the airport loses it (yaiks).

7. 10-Year Warranty– CabinZero also comes with a 10-year warranty but you’re guaranteed 25 years of warranty when you ‘like’ them on Facebook! Not that you’d be needing it, anyway.

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cabinzero best travel backpack

8. Cabin/ Carry On Size – Avoid the hassle of checking in (or losing) your luggage with CabinZero. The size of the bags were designed to fit the cabin requirements of all major airlines so this bag won’t have to leave your side.

I revere this feature the most since I often travel via low-cost carriers which means I have to pay a little bit more when I check in my luggage. Glad that’s behind me now!

Traveling with the Military Desert Sand Backpack

cabinzero best travel backpack

Beach Trips – Packing my clothes and gadgets in it and taking them out was a child’s play and I couldn’t be more pleased. On the way to the beach, I had to take a 30-min boat ride so the bag had to endure occasional ocean water splashing on it and I found out it actually dries quickly. Sand doesn’t seep through the bag’s material either.

Mountain Hikes – I recommend using it for a day hike but not for overnight climb since you can’t fit a tent in it. The accessory webbing is something most people won’t find useful but I find them genius! Especially on a rock climb trip when I need to sling my rock shoes with a carabiner right where I can easily reach for it. For my fellow mountain/rock climbers; you will use this feature the most!

Long Trips – This is a 44L bag, imagine how spacious that is! You can definitely use it for a month-long-or-so trip unless you’re a flashpacker who needs to pack more than 3 pairs of shoes and a crazy amount of clothes. Also, it’s the perfect size for ladies since it doesn’t weigh you down like how a 50L -75L backpack does.

Daily Use – it’s stylish alright, that’s why I like using it for my urban trips since I bring my laptop with me wherever I go. I also pack my gym clothes in it and some change of wardrobe for hump days and Fridays. 😉

cabinzero best travel backpack

Where Can You Get Your CabinZero?

Worldwide: It’s available for purchase on their website and they offer free shipping

Get it here

Philippines: CabinZero Kiosks

  • CabinZero kiosk Fairview Terraces
  • URBANIZE Shangrila
  • Gateway
  • U.P. Town Center
  • Glorietta
  • Serin Tagaytay
  • The District Imus Solenad 3 Nuvali
  • Rustan’s
  • Wellworth Department Store
  • Fashion Rack T3

Also available for purchase on Lazada, click here.

The whole concept of the bag was built around convenience and efficiency and those two words are already a winner for me.

CabinZero has a wide-range of backpacks with different colours and designs to choose from so I urge you to choose well, Wander Junkies!

Your backpack is a reflection of what type of traveler you are. <3

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